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Xotic BB Preamp
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*BB Preamp可以提供非常变化多端的音色,两个±15dB的主动式2段均衡设计,可以提供30dB+的Clean Boost。能够产生非常宽广的和声,以实现你心目中理想的音色。

*BB Preamp有一个增益放大线路,可以让你获得从质朴的Clean音色到光滑、压缩的过载音色。

*真正的True Bypass设计,避免音色的损失。


Scott Henderson said;

I tried the BB Preamp on my gig and I love it! After 3 years using the SD-9 I'm changing to the BB in my rack. I'll talk about it on my message board!
Lee Ritenour said;
"  I was worried about airplane travels in Europe. So I brought my new Signature model, which is a very nice guitar but it doesn't have quite the push of the sound that I like that I got from my old one. So I used the BB Preamp with the gain all the way down. I almost used it as a pre-amp in the sense of just boosting the clean sound a little bit. As a true booster of the tone and the volume. Almost like a compressor without compressing. It's very effective for me...."

Steve Lukather said;
I used my Xotic pedals and love them. They are my " secret weapon"  at Simon Phillips studio. I used it on Tony Levins new Cd as well as some of the new Toto Cd. Luke

Greg Howe said;
" This is one of the only pedals I've ever played through that actually enhances most of the characteristics that I look for in a cool tone, and that are typically desired by tone conscious players. With most gain-boost pedals you sacrifice tone for playability.this pedal adds to the tone while giving you that fun playability. Very Nice!"







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